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OPEN YOUR  Latvia Bank Account

Available to US Residents and companies.

Latvia Private Bank account: 

Bank accounts in lativa would be ideal for you, if you want to carry out transactions in baltic. Unlike switzerland, they dont ask for big security deposits to get these payment cards. Very recently latvia merged into european union and the country well supported by european monetary funds for its development. Neverthless, your deposits are protected by strict bank secrecy laws of latvia.


1) Multi-currency bank accounts (accepting more than 80 currencies), including for offshore companies; allowing to hold any currency, including EURO and USD.
2) All types of prepaid VISA and MasterCards with no transaction limits and cash withdrawal limit up to 5000EUR daily;
3) Term deposits with state guarantees (EU legislation) and good interest rates ;
4) Asset management and trade financing;
5) Very sophisticated Internet Banking facilities (24h service in English, French and Russian).
6) Wide range of wire transfers (economic, standard, express, ie same day transfer)
7) Safe boxes available to customers



Documents necessary to be provided to the Bank for opening a private account are:

Certify notarized copy of your identification document: a valid passport or National ID card with Apostille.

An Apostille is the official state certification of the notarization which makes notarized documents legally valid in all countries member to the Hague Convention on abolishing the requirement of legalization of public documents.

In countries where Apostille certification is not available, we will guide you how to make the additional certification needed.

The cost of current account opening remotely is EUR 250

Wire Transfer fees:


Current accounts in Bank are multi-currency and You can have under one account number as much currencies as You wish.

These were general guidelines about the current account opening procedure.

Frequently Asked Question: 

Is this Bank secured? 

I can truly confirm that banking system in Latvia is regulated by government and Financial and Capital Market commission (please visit ).

Will I have dedicated account manager?
Yes, you will have Your own, English, Russian, German, and other languages speaking account officer and You can contact the Bank for most of Your questions or problems to be solved. 

Our referring fee only USD 50

If your country is on this list unfortunately we can not assist you opening the account.


Paypal payments are accepted worldwide customer.



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